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VR-Interface redesign

Promotional video AEGEE-Europe

3D computer game 'BitBot'


Redesign of a VR-interface using Microsoft Pixelsense and peripheral devices. The interface is centred around a Pixelsense table, which allows for physical 3D models to be recognised when placed on its surface. The interface will display additional information about the model, as well as a virtual CAD-model on a separate screen.

Promotional video created for AEGEE-Europe. The video is based on AEGEE's vison and mission, and features footage from AEGEE's events and projects.
The video was created for recruiting purposes, so its target group consists of students. The style of the video was adapted to fit this target group.

3D computer game created as part of the 'vrije opdracht' (free assignment). The completely playable game features an adjustable 3rd person camera view, four types of enemies and one final boss. Game progress can be saved in four separate files. Promotional materials such as box art were also created.

The virtual models can either be displayed by themselves, or in relation to other models as placed on the table. In the latter mode, moving the models on the table will update the virtual relation in real time. The interface can be used to create quick and easy arrangement of models, and can be used to e.g. furnish a room. The furniture type can be chosen as physical model, and the user can then make quick arrangements. Attrubutes such as colours can then be easily adjusted on the virtual models. The interface was made as part of a Bachelor's graduation thesis.

AEGEE / European Students' Forum is one of Europe's biggest interdisciplinary student organisations, striving for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe.

Video created by:
Gerardo García Díaz (camera and editing)
Ksenia Lupanova (camera)
Tom Simons (motion graphics and effects)

At the end of the second year of the study industrial design at the University of Twente, students have to formulate and complete their own assignment. The goals of the formulated assignment were to improve programming and 3D modelling skills. This platform game was created in the context of this assignment. All the models, coding and design was done by Tom Simons. The coding was done in C# in Unity. The models were created in 3ds max. The game is set up to allow easy creation of extra levels and additional features.

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