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Airfryer final concept
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Several printed cards
Advertisement Airfryer
Airfryer exploded view
BitBot Boxart
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Birthday card
Christmas card
Desktop wallpaper
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Redesign Philips Airfryer

3D computer game ‘BitBot’

Visual identity Board XXVII


Redesign of the Philips Airfryer.
The final concept consists of a frame, in which two containers are placed. The containers can be used for both steam cooking and airfrying. Below each container is a tray which is filled with water when steam cooking. The containers and trays are dishwasher friendly. This design was developed for Project K.

3D computer game created as part of the ‘vrije opdracht’ (free assignment).
The completely playable game features an adjustable 3rd person camera view, four types of enemies and one final boss. Game progress can be saved in four separate files. Promotional materials such as box art were also created.

Visual identity created for board XXVII of AEGEE-Enschede. The materials created in this style include:
- Birthday cards
- Christmas cards
- Invitations
- Desktop wallpaper
- Account login image

Philips issued the task to redesign their Airfryer. The new concept is designed to fit in Philips product line and appeal to the target group, which consists of young families. The new design allows busy parents to be able to prepare a quick yet healthy meal for their family. The air travels down near the sides of the device, cooling the edge and pre-heating the air itself, before being heated and diverted upwards toward the food. The cooling prevents the user from getting burnt from the hot sides of the device. Design team: Daniël Bijvank, Alice van der Horst, Matthis de Wit, Manon van der Meer, Ruben Borgonjen en Tom Simons.

At the end of the second year of the study industrial design at the University of Twente, students have to formulate and complete their own assignment. The goals of the formulated assignment were to improve programming and 3D modelling skills. This platform game was created in the context of this assignment. All the models, coding and design was done by Tom Simons. The coding was done in C# in Unity. The models were created in 3ds max. The game is set up to allow easy creation of extra levels and additional features.

The board of AEGEE-Enschede has several printed materials which are issued each year. Each member receives a birthday card and each alumni member receives a Christmas card. Besides this, all boards of partner associations receive an invitation for a constitution drink in honour of the constitution of the new board of AEGEE-Enschede. To keep a coherent style in these printed materials, this visual identity was created. Once created, a desktop wallpaper and account image were also made, to personalize the computers at the office. Design made in Adobe Illustrator.

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